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Production and marketing strength, sales outlets throughout the country

Chang Qin hardware focus on bags, hardware accessories industry for many years, has extensive experience in supporting parts, many handbags, bags, enterprises designated hardware suppliers;

Chang Qin hardware sales point, all over the country's many provincial capital cities, from 2005 rapid moving two or three cities, towns and counties, to fully copy and expand outlets, to provide customers with chain type of service and support;

Has advanced production equipment and inspection and testing equipment

Beijing has carved 3, line 3 sets, 3 sets of CNC lathe, 11 die-casting machine (with a central furnace automatic feeding, mechanical hand goods), 8 automatic polishing machine and other advanced testing equipment;

Super strong, has a fixed professional and technical staff of more than 100 people, a group of hardware industry has considerable experience in the management of the backbone;

Product diversification

The main products are: pull sheet, signs, hook button, key buckle, alloy needle buckle and so on;

The products are widely used in handbags, luggage, clothing, shoes, leather belt buckle, etc.;

Manufactured products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other parts of the world

The product design is novel, and it can be customized

Good technical personnel + advanced machinery + strict production management + strict quality monitoring system, can be in accordance with customer requirements design, research and development, proofing and production;

Take the road of international branding, break the traditional style, design a more fashionable, more personalized hardware accessories;

Professional after-sales service team targeted to solve customer problems

Service efficient, high quality, at a reasonable price to each customer to provide quality products and services, quickly and accurately respond to customer needs;

In the face of the problem, to reflect quickly, judge accurately, solve in time and completely eliminate your worries;




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